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Hemant Soren faces MLA disqualification after BJP petition.

New Delhi:

Jharkhand’s ruling JMM-Congress coalition has shifted its focus to neighbouring Congress-ruled Chhattisgarh following the BJP’s alleged poaching attempt. Sources said the priorities were referred to the Mayfair resort in Raipur. Jharkhand is going through a political crisis and the opposition BJP is already seeking Chief Minister Hemant Soren’s disqualification from parliament in the profit case office.

The source said Mr Soren’s party, JMM (Jharkhand Mukti Morcha), believes the BJP may take advantage of the crisis and try to poach the priorities of the ruling coalition to divide and overthrow the elected government, as it did in Maharasht. Like several states including Labang, Madhya Pradesh and Karnataka.

This afternoon, staff left Mr Soren’s residence in two buses and headed to Ranchi Airport, where charter flights were on standby. Video footage from the airport showed Mr Soren being there to see them off as well.

“This is not a surprising move. It happened politically. We are ready to face any situation,” Indian news agency News Agency quoted Chief Minister Hemant Soren as saying after he emerged from the airport.

“This is nothing new. A non-BJP government formally elected democratically is becoming unstable. This is our strategic move to keep our priorities together,” a parliamentary spokesman said.

The roundup began on Saturday when Mr Soren and 43 MLAs were seen transporting luggage and luggage to Khunti, 30km from Ranchi.

Mr Soren faces disqualification as an MLA following a plea from the BJP, claiming he violated electoral norms by extending a mining lease to himself.The party has called for new elections and asked the chief minister to resign “on moral grounds”

The Board of Elections has held hearings on the issue and submitted comments to the Governor. The verdict is expected to be announced any day now.

The ruling coalition has 49 MLAs in the 81-member parliament. JMM is the largest political party with 30 MLAs, 18 lawmakers in Congress, and one Rashtriya Janata Dal (RJD) of Tejashwi Yadav.

The main opposition BJP has 26 priorities. Minister Mithilesh Thakur claimed the ruling coalition had “50 MLAs (including the Speaker, up to 56)” while claiming they had learned “vacation politics” from the BJP.

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