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'You're intoxicated by power': Anna Hazare to Arvind Kejriwal on Delhi alcohol policy

Anna Hazare was the face of the 2011 anti-corruption campaign from which AAP emerged. (file photo)

New Delhi:

“Just like wine, power is intoxicating. You seem to be intoxicated by power.” This is what social activist Anna Hazare wrote to his former trainee, Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejri One of many scathing lines in Arvind Kejriwal’s letter about his government’s liquor licensing policy, which was withdrawn in July following a corruption case.

“This is the first time I’ve written to you since you became chief minister because I am distressed by the recent news reports about your government’s alcohol policy,” the letter, written in Hindi, began.

“You wrote your idealistic essay on alcohol policy in your book ‘Swaraj’ and you asked me to write an introduction to it,” he said, citing the statement in it that liquor stores cannot be opened without the approval of the area’s residents. “When you become chief minister, you forget those ideals.”

Mr Hazare said he believed that “the Aam Aadmi party of you, Manish Sisodia and others” was “no different from any other party now”.

Deputy Chief Minister Manish Sisodia, who handles the Delhi government’s GST portfolio and many other matters, is one of 15 defendants named in the FIR.

The excise policy has brought private players into the alcohol trade, resulting in better supply and competitive prices. The AAP has argued that it would end the liquor mafia and grey market while increasing revenue. But corruption allegations meant the policy, introduced last November, was withdrawn eight months later as the CBI opened an investigation.

“If we stick to being a pressure group and run the campaign as I suggest, nowhere in India will such a wrong alcohol policy be formed,” Mr Hazar wrote.

“Instead of introducing strong Lokpal and anti-corruption laws, you have introduced this anti-people, especially anti-women alcohol policy,” he further said, citing his village of Ralegan Siddhi and Maharasht. Laban as an ideal for alcohol policy.

“In Delhi, there are liquor stores in every corner of the city… People seem to be caught in a circle of money for power and power for money. It’s not suitable for a party emerging from a major movement,” he said. Say.

Anna Hazare was the face of the 2011 anti-corruption campaign from which AAP emerged. At the time, while choosing to stay away from political parties—avoiding electoral politics—he gave it his “blessing.” But he has since criticized the party on several fronts. Mr Kejriwal and his party have avoided direct retaliation.

Meanwhile, Manish Sisodia’s bank lockers were checked during an ongoing investigation today. His house was searched earlier.He claimed that since central government investigations found nothing in his home or bank, “I have a Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s clean sweep. “

There was no immediate statement from the CBI.

The agency claims that not only was the policy introduced without the lieutenant governor’s license, but many unqualified suppliers were also granted licenses in exchange for bribes.

Chief Minister Kejriwal said in a tweet that the investigation was “inspired by dirty politics”.

The AAP has been saying that the BJP is outraged at being a minority in the Delhi parliament despite being in power at the centre. “They are afraid of Arvind Kejriwal’s rising national profile,” the party said.

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