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The Noida twin towers were dismantled in 9 seconds, supplied by 3,700 kg of explosives.


The demolition of the 100-meter-tall Supertech Twin Towers in Noida, Uttar Pradesh, is proceeding as planned, the senior official in charge of the operation said, adding that border walls and some glass windows of neighboring societies were damaged as the towers collapsed.

“A 10-meter boundary wall in ATS village collapsed and some glass windows were broken. Supertech Emerald (another neighbouring society) did not suffer any damage,” said Mayur Mehta, project manager at Mumbai Tower Engineering, which demolished the tower .

The demolition work was carried out under an insurance policy of Rs 100 crore. This will include damage to adjacent buildings, if any. Premium and other charges must be borne by Supertech. The cost of demolition itself is estimated to be around Rs 200 crore.

Officials involved in the operation had earlier said about 55,000 tons of debris would be produced. Debris removal can take up to three months. Garbage will be dumped in designated areas.

The tower was demolished in 9 seconds, thanks to 3,700 kilograms of explosives.

Soon after the demolition, sprinklers and anti-smog guns were activated at the site to help control the dust, an official said.

Supertech said it has incurred losses of around Rs 500 crore, including construction and interest costs, due to the demolition of the twin towers in Noida.

“Considering the amount we spent on land and construction costs, various approval fees paid to the authorities, interest paid to banks over the years and 12% interest paid to buyers, our overall loss is about Rs 500 crore . The cost of these two towers, among others,” RK Arora, chairman of Supertech, told news agency PTI today.

The demolition ends a nine-year legal battle between the residents of Supertech Emerald Court in Block 93A and the estate agents of the two towers.

In India, high-rise buildings have only been demolished once earlier by controlled explosions.

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